Harvey Manning Peak Challenge

This is a peakbaggers challenge where the main objective is to summit all 18 peaks on the map in one go! Each participant must start at McClellan Butte trailhead and end at Rattlesnake Mountain Snoqualmie Point trailhead. Most of the peaks have established trails all the way to the summit; while some are boulder field scrambles to the summit. Some of the peaks can be accessed via the same ridgeline which will save you a generous amount of time, distance and elevation gain/loss but does require some challenging scrambling. It’s completely up to you to decide what routes are best for YOU!

Who is Harvey Manning?


No pacers
No leaving the course and then returning, unless by foot
Crew access is limited to official trailheads only
No stashing of food or water on the course (self supported participants may stash food and water at official trailheads)
No use of motorized transportation. All travel must be done on your own two feet

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