Issy Alps 50K/100K/100M

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The Issy Alps has 4 unique routes to test your endurance. Each of the four routes can be stitched together to form longer routes.

50k starts at Mailbox Peak and ends at Little Si offering roughly 13K of total of elevation climb/loss.

100k  continues off where 50k stops and traverses over Rattlesnake Mountain and Tiger Mountain ending at Tiger mt Highpoint TH.

An alternate (but much tougher)  100k course is an out and back of the 50k course offering a staggering 26K of total elevation climb/loss AKA “The Hard 100”

Finally the 100m distance covers the original 100k and does a lollipop loop via Squak and Cougar mountain ending at Tiger mt Highpoint TH.

Below are the maps needed to cover all of the distances listed via Caltopo

6/2/2020: Updates:
Tiger Mountain: It appears that the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance in partnership with the DNR have the section of trail from East Tiger Summit to the Preston Trail junction, closed due to trail building for double black diamond trails for mountain bikes. I am planning on heading out this week to scope things out in the area. Ideally I would like to resurrect the original East Tiger Trail if possible.
I have also rerouted a small section of the 100miler route that goes behind the highschool on the return trip to the finish. When the route was originally designed, there was a gravel path sandwiched between the highschool and the tennis courts. That trail is no longer there and instead a parking lot has taken its place. The small reroute now has you taking a trail sandwiched between the tennis courts and Tiger Mountain.

Swamp Trail: A new boardwalk is almost completed (a few weeks to go) and the trail will once again be open for business. The old boardwalk was old and slippery when wet and parts of it were also missing. The new boardwalk will offer a much better experience for all.

Issy Alps 50k
Hard 100k (out and back of 50k)

Issy Alps 100K

Issy Alps 100M